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Fiduciary Financial Advisors
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"I want my clients to feel empowered and engaged when making investment decisions. Investing should reflect who you are and what you value."

As fiduciary financial advisors, we invest using low cost, tax efficient index fund investments. We are fiduciaries on all accounts, for all clients, all the time.

One Day In July was named the Best Financial Planning / Investment Firm by Vermont Business Magazine in their 2023 Best of Business Awards. One Day In July is the sole Vermont-based financial advisory firm to be included on USA Today's list "Best Financial Advisory Firms 2023." Learn more about these awards here.

At One Day In July, we believe that transparency and clear communication are paramount to a successful advisor-client relationship. When you work with One Day In July, you work with a dedicated fiduciary financial advisor who you can reach directly.

One Day In July serves a wide variety of clients throughout Vermont, and across the United States. Our clients range from high net worth individuals to middle-income families; from foundations, nonprofits, and small and large business owners to young investors, retiring investors, 529 Plan savers, and 401k or 403b retirement plan seekers. (802) 829-6954

One Day In July was notified of its status as winner of the Best Financial Planning / Investment Firm award on 4/10/2023. Winners of Vermont Biz's BOB Awards are determined by a survey of VT Business Magazine readers. ODIJ licensed the use of the USA Today logo through a payment to Statista Inc. Firms being awarded with placement on the USA Today list (published 4/26/23) are determined by recommendations from clients and peers and a firm's growth of Assets under Management (AUM).

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Should I Buy An Anniuty?

Annuities lack liquidity and almost always involve a surrender period of years. During this period, the investor cannot withdraw funds without incurring a penalty fee, which can be substantial.

Investing in a Bear Market

An awareness of how markets have historically performed and how our emotions affect investment decisions can help calm investors and boost confidence during a bear market.

Fiduciary Financial Advisors

At One Day In July we believe it is important for you to work with an advisor who has a legal and ethical responsibility to put your needs first, as a fiduciary does.

Vermont Teachers: Guide to Retirement and Investing

Considering how impactful and critical educators are to our state’s future, one would expect our teacher retirement system to be designed to ensure full financial security for these civil servants. Unfortunately, this is not the case.


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(802) 829-6954

One Day In July | Fiduciary Financial Advisors

With the exception of 529s and certain workplace retirement plan accounts, investment accounts are held at Charles Schwab, and clients are able to view their accounts online through the Charles Schwab portal. We will work with Schwab to ensure your account transfers from other financial firms are as seamless as possible. Assets can often be transferred over into your Schwab account in kind.


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