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26 South Main Street | Hanover, NH 03755

Fiduciary Financial Advisors
(802) 341-0188

26 South Main Street | Hanover, NH 03755

Hanover Financial Advisor

One Day In July | Financial Advisors in Hanover, NH

As fiduciary financial advisors, we invest using low cost, tax efficient index fund investments. We are fiduciaries on all accounts, for all clients, all the time.

We believe there is tremendous value in index funds. Your money should work for you, not Wall Street. When you combine a well-diversified portfolio of index funds and low fees, investors win.

One Day In July serves a wide variety of clients throughout New Hampshire, and across the United States. Our clients range from high net worth individuals to middle-income families, from foundations, non-profits, and small and large business owners to young investors, retiring investors, 529 Plan savers, and 401k or 403b retirement plan seekers.

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Our office in Hanover, NH is located at 26 South Main Street, Unit 4.

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Low Fees Matter

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of low fees in investing. A difference of 1% in fees over an investment lifetime can add several years of work to retirement.

Delaying Social Security | Washington Post Article

"For some retirees, however, delaying social security may not make financial sense. Nancy Westbrook, a Vermont financial adviser with One Day In July, said clients often focus on maximizing their monthly social security check and forget to consider how to maximize their lifetime returns."

Fiduciary Financial Advisors

At One Day In July we believe it is important for you to work with an advisor who has a legal and ethical responsibility to put your needs first, as a fiduciary does.

Index Fund Investing

An index is a group of companies that make up a specific market sector or asset class. One of the most well known indexes is the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is an index of the 500 largest public companies in the U.S.

Investment Management | Hanover, NH Financial Advisors

(802) 341-0188

One Day In July | Fiduciary Financial Advisors

With the exception of 529s and certain workplace retirement plan accounts, investment accounts are held at Charles Schwab, and clients are able to view their accounts online through the Charles Schwab portal. We will work with Schwab to ensure your account transfers from other financial firms are as seamless as possible. Assets can often be transferred over into your Schwab account in kind.


Rochester, VT Financial Advisor

Available for meetings in Rochester, VT and surrounding areas.

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Bennington, VT Financial Advisor

Available for meetings in Bennington, VT and surrounding areas.

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