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I believe there is tremendous value in index funds. Your money should work for you, not Wall Street. When you combine a well-diversified portfolio of index funds and low fees, investors win.

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77 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401

College & Career

Throughout my career in and out of the workforce I have focused on building meaningful relationships and a sense of community. I bring that same approach to working with people to plan and invest for their future.

I am a native Vermonter, born and raised in Burlington. After graduating from the University of Vermont, I worked in accounting and professional development at Investors Bank & Trust Company (now State Street Bank) in Boston and then continued in the mutual fund services industry in a client management role at Deutsche Bank in New York City. My husband and I feel fortunate that we were able to move back to Vermont to start our family. I have spent the past several years focusing on raising our three daughters and working with many local non-profit organizations. I worked with the Clothes Exchange, which raised funds for organizations such as King Street Center, Lund Home, and Vermont Works for Women. I also worked with the Spectrum Youth and Family Center and Kayla’s Directory. For the last 10 years (and counting), I have also spent many hours volunteering in the Burlington public schools.

Investing Thoughts

I want to demystify the investment process and help people understand “where their money is.” It is more important than ever to understand how simple and straightforward financial decisions can positively impact your short-term plans and long-term goals. I am passionate about the investment philosophy at One Day In July, and a firm believer in the value of index funds. As John Bogle, founder of Vanguard and pioneer of the index fund once said, “Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!” We seek to combine a diversified and well-balanced portfolio of index funds with low fees to generate long term results and tremendous value for clients. I am proud that One Day In July offers our clients professionally managed portfolios at such low fee levels.

As a woman and mother of three daughters, I am excited to be a female voice in the financial industry where women remain highly underrepresented. More importantly, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with women of all ages and life stages to help them optimize their financial future.

More About Me

I can often be found cheering on the sidelines of the soccer and lacrosse fields, basketball courts, and hockey rinks. I enjoy getting out on Lake Champlain and tackling home renovation projects on our very old home. I also serve on the board of Kayla’s Directory.

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