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Job ID: 009A
Location: Northeast Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, eastern New York, Saint Petersburg Florida.


Headquartered in Burlington, VT, with an office in Shelburne, VT as well, we are looking to expand our footprint and engage Financial Advisors in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and eastern New York communities. Financial Advisors are required to hold a series 65 securities license or equivalent. We have a training program for promising individuals who do not hold this license but would like to enter the financial industry.

Advisors are not employees – you are paid from your own Advisory business, though we provide a two-year stipend and much other support to get you started. We do not control your schedule or make day to day operating decisions for you. You will not have a sales completion quota. You do have to stay inside our regulatory framework.

Successful financial Advisors are comfortable reaching out to others for business. We believe we have an exceedingly competitive product, but this skill is necessary. In addition, successful Advisors tend to have roots and relationships previously established in a community.


As Financial Advisors at One Day In July, you will have the independence to choose the clients and markets you want to pursue to grow your own book of business. This opportunity allows for flexibility and independence as you build your client base, while being supported by our investment platforms and operational and compliance support from our home office in Burlington, Vermont. You will take initiative to develop leads, identify opportunities and take them to the next level. Along with our investment team, you will work with clients to understand their risk tolerance and investment objectives to develop a financial portfolio that best fits their needs. You will work to maintain on-going clear and conscientious communication with all clients consistent with the superior customer service standards at One Day In July.

A Successful Advisor will:

  • Be comfortable with sales outreach.
  • Generally have relationships in his/her community, where the Advisor is at least a known entity.
  • Be a tenacious self-starter with strong interpersonal and networking skills.
  • Maintain a high standard for client service and diligent attention to detail.
  • Hold a series 65 license or equivalent. (We have a training program for promising individuals who currently do not hold this license.)
  • Share our firm's mission and investment philosophy of lowering fees and espousing the value of diversified, low-cost index funds.
  • Have excellent computer skills: Word, Excel, Gmail, and web browsers.
  • Possess a positive attitude and tremendous grit.

Contracted Advisors receive an annual stipend for their first two years with One Day In July:

  • Year One: $48,000 plus commission.
  • Year Two: $36,000 plus commission.

After two years, you will be a commission-only Contractor. Commission is calculated based on Assets Under Management (AUM). Advisors receive 45% on the revenue generated from their cumulative AUM. You will have the potential to gain book ownership rights over your client base. There are some restrictions to these rights.

Advisors will receive a top-of-the-line 27" iMac with a fast processor and retina screen.


Please send the following to Burta Kelly at

  • A resume and cover letter in PDF format. In your cover letter, let us know what is unique about you. Include at least one paragraph explaining what makes you stand our from other applicants.
  • We want to see how you think and construct an argument. Submit a one-page Word document, the top half of which answers this question from your point of view: "How will you organize your sales and outreach program in the first two years of you career with One Day In July? What ideas do you have, and what experience do you have that will help you implement those ideas?" The bottom half of the document should be a separate response which answers this question: "What connections do you have to your existing community? And if it exists, what is the geographic center of that community?"
  • The Job ID above in the subject line of your email.

We respond to all diligent applicants. We keep all applications private.

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