Financial Advisor Training Program

The training program of One Day In July resembles medical education. There are three steps:
  1. Learn.
  2. Do.
  3. Teach.

You should expect the first two to three years in the role to be intense years. We will train you both in investment and client management, as well as in the entrepreneurial skills needed to build your own business. If you bring the grit, tenacity, attention to detail, and communication skills, we will ensure you have the tools to grow your client base and become a successful Financial Advisor at One Day In July.

We will give you up to four months to prepare for and pass the Series 65 securities license exam or equivalent. Once you pass the exam, we will support your training via a mentorship program with one or several existing One Day In July Financial Advisors, as well as supplemental one-on-one guidance from our compliance personnel.

The reason we say "several Advisors" is that Advisors bring different strengths and areas of focus. While you may have a primary contact, working with different Advisors gives you a sense of the multiple facets of the business. You will see and understand different approaches and outlooks.

In addition to principles about the securities markets, valuations, cash flows, indexes, asset allocation, taxes, market history, behavioral errors, and other important pieces of investing, we will teach you how the industry bills clients. We will train you on our extensive, proprietary software offerings, and show you why the product and service One Day In July offers is so much different from that of competitors.

As you begin to work with clients, our Investment Desk will assist you in trading accounts, and other Advisors and personnel will be there for questions you may have. As you feel comfortable in your role, our marketing team will work closely with you to help you grow your business and refine your message. All along the way, you will have access to our proprietary software systems which embed much competitive advantage.

How We Are Different
Low-fee index funds. Transparent & fiduciary financial advisors.
Local Financial Advisor
We are in your community. We are local.
Investment Management
We tailor to each client. Index funds at the core.
Index Funds
Broad market exposure, low expense.
Dan's Corner
Meaningful musings from our founder.
Your best interests are our priority.
Low Fees
Our fees are among the lowest in the nation.
Financial Planner
Financial advisor optimizes your financial picture.
U.S. Treasury Bonds
Use Treasury Bonds to reduce risk.
Book Recommendations
Here are some of our favorites.
What is inflation, and what causes inflation.
When Should I Invest?
Life transitions = important financial decisions.
Retirement: 401k and More
Retiring? Plan the future you want.
IRA Rollovers
401k Rollovers. IRA Rollovers
Active vs. Passive Investing
We believe there is a winner in this debate.
The Investment Process
How we work: low-cost index funds, personalized attention.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Investing: What to Focus On
Low-fee index funds. fee-only advisor.
Switching Financial Advisors
Can be uncomfortable, but an important step.
Advisor Recruiting
We attract top-tier talent. Not your usual firm.
Basic Investing
Let's start with Investing 101.
Understanding Your Financial Statement
Let's break it down to basics.
Taxes on Investments
What causes taxes within your investments?
Behavioral Economics
The less emotion, the better.
Timing the Market in 2020
2020 - a case study in the futility of market timing.
How Financial Firms Bill
Fee-based vs. fee-only, and lots more.
Who Supports Indexing?
Bogle, Swensen, Buffett, and others.
One click to see our fees.
Mutual Funds vs ETFs
Clarifying the difference.
Does Stock Picking Work?
The research says no.
Countering Arguments Against Index Funds
What happens in a down market?
Lots of fees, little clarity.
How Do Mutual Funds Work?
Invest in the basket.
How to Relieve Financial Stress
New client? anxiety is normal.
Financial Terms Glossary
Common investment terms you should know.
Firm Comparison
One Day In July vs the competition.
Retirement Investing
Retiring? Let us help.
Accounts We Manage
We manage a wide range of investment account types.
Pay Yourself First
Saving and Investing for the future.
Investing an Inheritance
Prioritizing and planning for the future.
Frequently Asked Questions
Good questions, real answers.
Women and Investing
Your voice needs to be heard. We are listening.
For the Business Owner
Choosing what's best for your business.
Environmental Investing
Carbon intensity, fossil fuels.




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