Our Environmental Commitment

One Day In July is built around several simple principles: low fees; excellent performance and reduced risk through diversified and highly liquid investments; and personal attention to our clients. We take seriously our role as fiduciary financial advisors, and strive to increase our clients' returns, while ensuring they are not paying excessive fees.

Our historical concerns around most ESG funds were that they were too expensive, too small, or too new to demonstrate a solid track record. The head of Morningstar's sustainable investing research, for example, highlights that in 2013, even the least expensive sustainable funds charged investors roughly 0.50% or more on their assets;1 three years later, the only two diversified ESG exchange traded funds (ETFs) were still charging that amount.2

Today, however, the breadth of available ESG fund options has steadily grown, and many offerings are now both large enough and cost-effective enough to satisfy our criteria.

At One Day In July, we have been waiting for this moment.

The rapid changes within ESG investing in recent years have led not only to a clearer understanding of relevant data, but also to lower fund fees, better liquidity, and more extensive performance track records. These changes allow us to apply our core principles to our environmentally-focused investments with confidence, ensuring we never break our fundamental commitment to our clients.

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