Portfolio Construction and Strategy

Establish Target Risk Profile. This involves setting long-term targets for overall equity and fixed income exposures. The primary drivers of this decision include: risk tolerance, liability profile, and annual income or cash flow needs, among other factors.

Asset Allocation. Within each broad equity and fixed income category, target asset allocations are established. If there is a benchmark in place, targets are generally stated relative to that benchmark. Asset allocation targets are reviewed on an ongoing basis and may be shifted as market opportunities evolve.

Security Selection. For each target allocation, we begin with the full universe of available exhange-traded-funds and screen out funds that are either too expensive or too small to fit our criteria.

Portfolio Monitoring. Once established, portfolio exposures are monitored on both an absolute and benchmark-relative basis to ensure that guideline compliance is maintained and that allocations remain within target ranges.

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Risk Management
Identify, monitor, and manage risk.
Index Funds
Broad market exposure, low expense.
Accounts We Manage
We manage a wide variety of accounts.
Our Fees
Consistently low fees.
Environmental Investing
Focused, sustainable investing options.
Environmental Articles
Sustainable, environmental insights by financial advisor Josh Kruk.
Prioritizing and planning for the future.
Mutual Funds vs ETFs
Clarifying the difference.
Frequently Asked Questions
Good questions, real answers.
Portfolio Construction
Construction & strategy
Timing the Market in 2020
2020 - a case study in the futility of market timing.
Active vs Passive Investing
We believe there is a winner in this debate.

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