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Josh Kruk is a Managing Partner and co-founder of Shelburne Fiduciary Partners. Josh has over 25 years of experience in investment management and takes a lead role in the implementation of Shelburne Fiduciary Partner's investment and risk management strategies.

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Josh moved to Boston to work in accounting and finance at Price Waterhouse and Bain Capital. In 1999, Josh moved back to Vermont and began a career at Dwight Asset Management in Burlington. When Dwight was purchased by Goldman Sachs in 2012, Josh stayed on as a Managing Director, leading portfolio management for the stable value business. During this time, Josh was also one of the portfolio managers for Goldman's fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Josh has been on the board of directors for the Vermont CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Society for 10 years, is a CFA Charter holder, has a CPA license, and holds certification in Sustainability and Climate Risk from the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Josh holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.

Josh is a board member of Kayla's Directory, a non-profit started by his wife, Sara, with the mission of providing resources and services to children with special needs in Vermont.

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Identify, monitor, and manage risk.
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Broad market exposure, low expense.
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Focused, sustainable investing options.
Environmental Articles
Sustainable, environmental insights by financial advisor Josh Kruk.
Prioritizing and planning for the future.
Mutual Funds vs ETFs
Clarifying the difference.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Portfolio Construction
Construction & strategy
Timing the Market in 2020
2020 - a case study in the futility of market timing.
Active vs Passive Investing
We believe there is a winner in this debate.

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